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Wellington Pier

Wellington Pier first opened it's doors to the public in October 1853 the original design was by P. Ashcroft and the build cost was £6,776.

At the time of the build the Taiping rebellion was going on in China, and in the same month the Ottoman Empire declared war on Russia signalling the start of the Crimean War. Undaunted by this cheery start the Pier took a (then) staggering £581 profit in it's first year. Despite having £30,000 spent on renovation works during the early 1970's, Elm Construction were appointed as the main contractors for further renovation works in 2007-08. Newnham Structures have been proud to modify and refurbish the structural steel and cladding for the renovation works.

Our esteemed draughtsman Richard Halford tirelessly calculated all of the connection details over the prevailing 12 months, taking into consideration the setting out and re-positioning of the towers. Using the existing trusses, our mandate was to widen the span of the building to incorporate a new modern 10 lane bowling facility, all to be supported from the existing refurbished grillage support system.

Newnham Structures proceeded to modify all of the original curved trusses and towers in our fabrication workshop, leaving very little of the pier on site. Salvageable members were gritblasted and coated, connections were then re-fabricated for the trusses and splice plates were introduced. Steel sections were added to the existing trusses to create the new required span. All steels were then transported back to site to re-erect the Pier to its former glory.

Once the structural frame had been lined and levelled the cladding task was undertaken. The built up roof sheets comprising of a ‘walk on’ white metal liner 180mm fibreglass insulation and Ashgrid spacer support system, with a pre-curved profiled metal plastisol coated top sheet were craned into position with a 100 ft crane . The vertical stucco embossed metal composite cladding was fixed to the horizontal rails with a top hat section, incorporating special curved flashings and facade at two levels to mimic the original building all contributing to the retention of the Pier's Victorian style facade and of course it's ongoing service to local residents and tourists alike.

To put the Pier in it's historical context; 1853 was also the same year that the artist Vincent Van Gogh was born, Pedro V ascended the throne of Portugal, Franklin Pierce was Inaugurated in the White House, and potato chips were first prepared. We really love to get involved with our projects at Newnham and Abel!

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