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Engineered Timber
Newnham Structures are pleased to offer the following products for use in any hybrid structure or cutting edge architectural timber design.

Glulam Beams

For over 50 years laminated timber (Glulam) beams and structures have been produced in the UK. Over recent years huge advances have been made within the timber engineering field to produce high volumes of quality laminated timber.

The advances in timber grading coupled with modern glues and precision planing have brought engineered structural timber back to the forfront of design. The exceptional strength of Glulam makes it well suited for use in the load bearing structures of buildings with long spans when architectural natural finish is required.

Today most people are aware of climate change and timber is seen as one way to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry, Hybrid structures are becoming more popular, normally a steel framework supporting straight or curved Glulam members.

Glulam is also resistant to most chemical attacks which make it suitable for aggressive climate storage areas, along with its predictability in fire. Because timber burns at a known rate, structural members can be increased in section to accommodate their fire resistance in service.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

Timber frame construction has moved to another level with the introduction of Cross Laminated Timber. This product removes the need for the traditional type of fabrication where studwork skeleton panels are assembled in jigs and clad with plywood skins. This modern alternative is manufactured in solid panels of 3, 5 or 7 layers with combinations of individual laminations producing finished boards ranging from 66mm to 341mm thick.

Structural Wall or Roof Panels manufactured off site to specific dimensions allowing quick erection on site of ‘Green’ structures, with accredited thermal and sound absorbing qualities Cross Laminated Timber leads the way forward in modular timber frame construction.

Our team of highly skilled draughtsmen are well equipped to produce drawings for complicated designs, to ensure factory produced members arrive on site accurately manufactured. Very little, if any, on site carpentry is required making quality and programming easy to control.

Production width is 1250mm and lengths can be finger jointed to produce boards of up to 24 metres.Standard production uses Spruce but boards can be manufactured with different species face laminations, colours and textures as well as visual or non visual grades to either side.

On site erection times are greatly reduced and can be shortened even further by specifying factory assembled wall units which can be supplied in lengths up to 13 metres complete with insulation attached.

North Walsham High School Enterprise Centre
Our brief to supply and erect a timber Glulam framed structure, value engineered, by providing a timber prefabricated stud wall support, with pre-finished timber ceiling / roof cladding support. Roofing was constructed using an aluminium standing seam system.
Archbishop Sandcroft School
To supply and erect a CLT and Glulam teaching facility within a working school, this project was brought in on time despite the extreme weather conditions.

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